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    One of the earliest forms of entertainment was drama or stage performances. It was activity to keep people engaged and sometimes educate them about philosophies of life or sometimes even used as a tool to throw light on current affairs and developments. Important scenarios depicted with touch of humor, wit and drama, held their attention thus fulfilling purpose of the activity.

    Then came television shows and films that still manage to captivate larger masses at one time and is still one the much loved genres of the entertainment industry today.

    Whether theatre performances or television shows or films, a good script, phenomenal actors in beautifully crafted costumes is just half the job done. For a great play or movie, perfect props and scene setting is more important than anything else. If the props used are as per the script and scene, it helps to bring out space specific period, place or character being played, which gives the audience a more surreal experience.

    We understand, that perfect props help to enhance visual effects to keep your audience stuck to their seats and only rise when it’s time to give a standing ovation.

    If you are one of those people that come with passion to put up a theatre show of make a film or television series for an audience dying to relive historic eras, we have all the historical props ready for you that you could hire.

    Purchasing props for a particular player movie, set in the years gone by, is a waste of monetary resources and you might not even use them very often. Our historical prop rental services allow you to take whatever you need in your time at the most competitive rates. So even of it is the annual stage performance at school that needs historical props and budgets are tight, we are here to take care of your need without burning a hole in your pocket.

    With a rather extensive inventory of top quality historical props ready for you to rent out, we have an easy to navigate website that you could visit. You can browse through our well categorized sections of props and select each item as per your requirement.

    For us it all about customer satisfaction and how we can help your version of Jane Eyre, Fiddler on the roof, Christmas Carol , Cinderella or Alice in wonderland be the best one ever.

    Renting of the perfect props for all your theatrical productions, television shows, films and performance has never been easier to find and hire. We make sure each item you pick, is delivered to you on time and in the best condition.


    The world has witnessed and still continues to enjoy theatre and films of each era. Whether Roman, Greek, Medieval, Elizabethan or Victorian there is still an audience waiting for an epic performance.

    Each of these eras used a unique design and style of props like Chairs and stool, Lamps, Pictures, Dressers/Cupboards, Tables, Mirrors, Musical instruments, for that matter even garden furniture varied from era to era. Just looking at the props one could tell which time period the scene is set in.

    So whether you need props for a stage production or television series and are looking for furniture rental services we are your one stop solution. Whether the script is set before the 1880’s or 1900’s, in a pub or in school , shop, kitchen or even a hospital we have a wide range of historical props that you could select from, as per your need .

    Mirrors, pottery, tapestry and paintings, are some props that can depict a certain period in history like none other, for again, each era had its own art style depending what was preferred by the royals at that time. They are almost like a statement of the era. So if you are looking for porcelain vases, some exquisite glassware and photo frames with gold engraving and an antique finish or paintings with beautiful Victorian women or horsemen sporting their valor or a painting showing a battlefield of a certain war, you can even take those on hire and add another splendid element of history to your endeavor of reviving the past.

    We also have a very unique collection of Gramophones, some of the very first radios, cameras, exquisite dinnerware, classic champagne buckets and fire side accessories for your historical production to be nothing less than perfect.

    It is our constant endeavor to provide to each one of you props that will take all your hard work of script writing, picking out perfect characters for each role, costume design and lighting, to the next level with accessories that will complete your mission and fulfill your vision.

    You have a dream and we are here to help you to make your dream come true. Together let’s bring back bring the past with a blast.

    Find our entire collection of historical props here!