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  • THEATRE PROPS Theatre and plays are a great way of expressing one’s story to an audience which loves to feel the emotions and the circumstances of the play and see Read More

    STAGE PROPS Having a lot of movie and stage props is not possible for every theatrical company or organization. Every act or the drama has a different theme and the Read More

    Preparing a set of the movie or setting up the stage for a play requires magnificent detailing and decoration. If the set does not resembles the era or the period Read More

    Entertainment is a necessity for human beings as is having food and breathing. Entertainment for the mind and brain is what food is for the body. It rejuvenates ad refreshes Read More

    Prop House is a place which contains all the items and things which are used on a stage to accentuate the scene and create a theme nearest to the original Read More

    Furniture Rental Renting furniture had never been so easy and economical. Even though renting furniture is a relatively new concept in most of the places but it has been in Read More