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  • Prop House is a place which contains all the items and things which are used on a stage to accentuate the scene and create a theme nearest to the original one discussed in the draft of the play. Every play needs a list of props and items to make a scene realistic and thematic. These items are so vivid in nature that it is roughly impossible for a drama company to have it all at its disposal as every specific scene of a play has a different set of props to be used in every scene. To fulfill the huge requirements of the scene, there is a company which provides all these equipment and items to display on the stage and this organization is known as the prop house.

    The prop house is responsible for providing all the requirements of the stage beginning from the furniture to even mall equipment like a camera or a gramophone. The prop house has all the basic equipment and other home appliances which can be used on the stage as per the requirements of the script of the play. It also has a variety of furniture catering to the needs and requirements of the script. Classic furniture, vintage furniture, modern furniture, etc. can be found at the storage facility of the prop houses and can be used when required.

    Every detailing which is required to do justice to the scene is completed by placing the requisite props on their places and using them adequately. Historical Props is one of the best and oldest prop houses in the country and it has been providing the props to the industry for decades and this period of adding more and more props to its facility has made it the biggest storehouse of props in Austria.

    Prop houses need to provide all the requirements of the play without any excuses even if they need to buy the new products and give it to them. It comes with a positive effect that the storehouse of the Prop House will always have the prop at its disposal and can be used by other clients in the future plays and the company won’t have to run here and there searching for the best match.

    A prop house has its own limitations and worries. It has to maintain and safeguard such huge amount of products from dust and dirt apart from saving it from mice, termites, and insects. Continuous cleaning and maintenance work is necessary to keep the props in ready to use condition. Regular check-ups are necessary for working electric and electronic equipment so that they may work whenever required.

    People love watching theaters and plays and they appreciate the actors, writers, directors, musicians and even costume designers but the prop houses go unnoticed every time and they keep on doing their work without recognition or any acknowledgment. It is true for sure that a play can never succeed without the efforts of a prop house and Historical Props is a living example of this statement.